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shypurplepanda [userpic]

I have made the choice to go Friends only, Comment here if you want to be added.

Current Mood: pissed offpissed off
shypurplepanda [userpic]

This is REALLY sad but I got jack shit. I went to lunch with my mom today...that's it. NOTHING happened. I don't know what else to say. I made it to day 30 and I falter. W.....T.....F

Ok so i guess I'll say THE LIBERTINE COMES OUT ON TUE.! OMG! YAYAYYAYAYA Johnny's so fucking hot in that movie *dies*


and I'm done, thank you and goodnight

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shypurplepanda [userpic]

So, I remembered today what I originally wanted to post yesterday before my mind got taken over with such poison.


Torri: *standing behind me at the coppier and sings in the tune of Home On The Range*

Oh give me a home
Where the Nissans they roam
Where the writers and technicians complain
Where seldom is heard
An encouraging word
And broken cars keep up busy all day
Home home of the strange...

Me: *stares straight ahead* ...

Torri: I need to get some kind of life don't I?

Me: You know, I was gonna say something like that, but I just thought I'd keep my mouth shut

Torri: *laughs* thank you

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EDIT: Torri is a he and he's the Service Manager

Current Mood: amusedamused
shypurplepanda [userpic]

I give up at life I swear. I took a test on the Kaiser website, because I've been thinking that I need to talk to a Dr. about being depressed, because I feel there's something wrong with me. I feel like I'm defective, there's just something I'm missing. They had a list of 9 signs of depression, 7 fit me. Then I took the test...

wow, now that makes me feel better! *rolls eyes*

Oh I guess I should mention my current mood is due the oh so wonderful harassing phone call I received at work. The fucktard trying to collect money from me for the credit card debt CALLED ME AT WORK! Can you say illegal!?!?!?! I told him "Now is not a good time, I answer phones and deal with customers and I'm busy" what does the dick do? HE KEEPS TALKING! I keep telling him that I REALLY can't talk and that I need to go and he keeps talking, I told him that I'm working on it and I'll get back to him when I know something and he's like really scaring me and making me feel threatened and I'm shaking at this point. He kept hounding me for 200 dollars and I kept trying to say that I'm working on it and I had to go because I was working. Then he was like almost yelling saying that I needed to call him back by 8pm EST time, and I told him "I have to go, I'm working, and I'll still be working at that time" And he started going off on me again, so I finally hung up on him and was shaking. I Called my mom who was with my step-dad when I finally got a hold of her, and they were both pissed. She had me give Martin the guy's contact info and told me not to talk to him anymore other than to say that I'm giving my step-dad permission to discuss my account.

Yeah so goodnight

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Current Mood: depressedfucked up
shypurplepanda [userpic]

I'm suddenly in a Harry Potter mood, I watched the first two movies today, and now I'm watching the third, I'll watch the fourth tomorrow, and then after that, I plan on reading all the books again. It's so weird, I just get on these kicks, I forget about it (well not completely) for a while, then it comes up and i'm like skjfsdkjfhsdkjfh gotta watch, gotta read. lmao I've never been able to read a book more than once and I can't tell you how many times I've read these books.

Ok I'm done being a nerd.

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shypurplepanda [userpic]

So today I got home from getting my oil changed and I see that there's someone in my space. I got so pissed off. I really don't like it when people park in my spot, especially because the sign that tells people "violators will get towed" is positioned directly in front of my space for the 4 spaces for my building.

I was just not in the mood to deal with it, so I wrote a note:

Please move your car out of my spot. I pay rent in the apartment for which it is intended, therefore I am the only one who may park there. If I see your car here again, I will have you towed, the sign that was staring you in the face when you parked there that says "Violators will be towed" is not there for no reason.

Signed, The Person Who's Spot You Took

Have a Nice Day

Yeah so then a little while later the neighbor from downstairs, the sweet older lady who I love to death, she's a total sweetheart, is knocking on my door, I look through the peephole and see my note in her hands.

Turns out it was her car parked there, I felt like shit, I didn't recognize her car. She wasn't mad though and I told her that she was fine there, she's the only one I don't mind. I told her I wrote it because we have a huge problem with people in our spots. She laughed and said that the note was good and I should photocopy it and use it whenever someone's in my spot. She was really nice about it, and I kept apologizing, I felt like shit though.

Oh my

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Current Mood: amusedamused
shypurplepanda [userpic]

So today, my mom and I went to Costco. I really didn't want to go, but we were on the phone and she wanted me to break down how much I make vs. my bills for her. "I knew there was no way you were making it. I used to take you to costco all the time and I haven't done that in a while, how much are you spending on food? Why didn't you come to me sooner..." blah blah blah, basically I feel so guilty about all this, that I'm letting her own me. I don't really want to go to my cousin's house after work saturday for her 4th of July party, but I will, because my mom wants me too.

Then to feel guilty on top of that, I'm getting my oil changed tomorrow, and I had full intentions of paying for it, it's like 30 bucks, but my mom told me that Martin's paying for it. I didn't even expect that, ok well part of me, in the back of my head, did, but it hadn't been said, and I had the intentions to do it, but Martin already told them that (it's at the dealership where he works), and because of my "money troubles" I know he won't let me.

I know I should be thankful that I'm getting this help, but I feel guilty about it. When my mom and I were talking today I think I figured out why I feel guilty about it too. My Dad. He makes comments to me like "You're a big girl now living on your own, you shouldn't rely on that" When I mention that my mom helps me out sometimes. He's never really given me anything though, not even when I was in Jr. High and High School. He never helped my mom pay for anything for me after they got divorced.

Gah, ok I'm done Psychoanalyzing myself.

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Pictures to come still for yesterday's post and todays (yes I got lazy bite me)

Current Mood: bitchybitchy
shypurplepanda [userpic]

So today I had to bite the bullet and suck up my pride. I had to ask my mom for help with money, and not like I need a hundred bucks, I'm talking thousands, like 5 or 6, I don't even know. I got myself in so deep with my credit cards about 2 years ago. Who in their right mind gave a 20 year old 2,000 and 3,000 dollar limits. I was NOT ready for that kind of responsibility, I still don't think I am. I don't even know what I owe, and I've let this get WAY too far out of hand, my credit's ruined (thank god for my car and rent still. That's something in my favor.) My mom thinks her and martin will give me a loan and I'll pay them back, that way, no interest.

Now all of you who are going to have something to say about this, or pass judgment, don't. Keep it to yourselves. I know I know, "look at her, she's goes and runs to mommy" something like that, I don't fucking care what you think. If you knew how hard it was for me to tell her I was in that kind of trouble, and then to ask for help on top of it, you'd know just how much pride I lost. I'm far to independent for that. No one even knows the trouble I got into with money when I lost my job, and that was a valid reason.

Gah, I'm done, and be forewarned, this is a touchy subject for me, you make any comment that pisses me off and I'll delete it, I don't do that, but I'll make an exception this time.

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Pictures to come eventually

Current Mood: embarrassedembarrassed
shypurplepanda [userpic]

Because I sit next to the parts dept, I often over hear their conversations, and today...well I heard something interesting.

"It's like swining a bowlingball at the end of your shaft." "How many balls did you lose?" "I was hitting with my three wood..."

Yeah, you know it's a REALLY good think I knew they were talking about golf.


Julie told me today that right now the baby's doing ok, and that Kim's fine. She's going to San Francisco to visit them tormorrow and I told her to give Kim hugs for me.


I had lunch with my mom and Lauren today, and omg we're fucking piggies the three of us. We went to a deli and got salads, and a big bag of chips to share, and they gave us rols to go with them and then my mom got a cookie, me a brownie, and I swear to you, it less than a half hour, it was pretty much all gone. We all poished off our huge salads too. Even after talking the whole time. We never eat that fast lmao.


I thought my little tidbits were borning, but Stephanie said she liked them, so I'm happy as long as one person likes it. It's funny when I sit down and realize all the little things that happen throughout the day, and there's a lot more that goes on than I realize.

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shypurplepanda [userpic]

:( There's a girl at work who's pregnant, or well, was pregnant. As of yesterday she was barely 7 months along and this morning she had the baby. It was only 2lbs. 2oz. and Julie told me that as of right now, it's not looking good. I really hope that baby's okm I've never known anyone to lose a baby like that, and I don't want to either.

Then of couse, I feel like a bitch, because for whatever reason, I was in a REALLY good mood today, I feel like I should have, knowing all this. I don't know, is that weird?

gah! I don't know, but I feel bad about it anyway.


moving on, funny phone call

me: thank you for calling northbay nissan how may I direct your call?
him: Um...I'll call you right back *click*

...I don't even know what to say


It's pretty sad when I have nothing more than these bits and pieces to post, I need a more exciting life...bleh


I'm falling asleep as I write this.

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Dude, you so know they're both thinking "Theeeeey caaaaan't seeeeee meeee"

Current Mood: sleepyasleep
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