Unsystematic Oddities

Are you ready to find the spark inside and let it burn?

She is really cool!! You don't have to just take my word for it, you can be her friend too (unless you are creepy). No one is cooler than she is. She's so lovely. She's got a 10 pound cat named La Salvador. She's going to marry Isaac Hanson, or I'll punch him in the face. Sorry that you all can't have her, but it's meant to be that they're together. Shannon likes to do crazy things when I tell her to do them. Like, dancing on bars or randomly driving far away for a concert with no notice. If you like dancing on bars and/or random road trips, you will like Her. -Lauren

created by: crazy_clockwork

John Mayer Is Love

Hanson Music Is Love

Capricorns Are Independent Love

George Bush is Love A Goddamn Moron...